The Keith Moon Band Live at Hull

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Tue Nov 16 17:17:09 UTC 2010

Bruce came up with a very witty subject line, and pointed us towards this:


I tried the site first, but the MP3s aren't yet available 

But the link from Bruce works OK in the UK too (we're allowed to 
preview the songs, just not buy them from the US site.)

I am amazed.
I expected Hull to sound just like Leeds.  I didn't think I'd be able to 
pick up many differences at all.
I was expecting subtle differences.  Not big ones.
But, even from these previews, I can hear variations straight away.

Not just in how it's recorded - yes, the drums are nicely prominent - but 
the way they all played and sang is different too.

Most noticeably different, from these small previews:

    - Heaven and Hell - straight away - wow those drums are different. 
We're not in Leeds anymore, Toto.
    - Tattoo - "looong hair" - Pete sings - and plays - so differently here. 
In fact, all Pete's backing vocals sound different, on all the songs.
    - Young Man Blues - after having every note of the Leeds version 
embedded into my brain for so long - this is just something completely new.
    - Happy Jack - different too
    - Overture  - Pete keeps that guitar riff going just as long as he 
    - Sparks - never played the same twice anyway.  Another wow moment.

Its so nice to still be surprised by The Who, even after all these years.

Hull's A Quick One presumably has a lot less chatter before it than the 
Leeds one (its a few minutes shorter)

Hull's My Generation is even longer than the Leeds version!  32 seconds 
That may just be crowd cheers at the end - or is it an even more of an 
extend jam?
My Generation (and Magic Bus, sob) is the song I'm most looking forward to 
hearing in full.

Still: I'm not going to buy this though.
I'm looking forward to the Live at Hull double CD release - complete with 
Magic Bus, due for release on February  15th, 2011.
(That's just my prediction - don't get too excited.)


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