Roger Daltrey opens Tunnel Mural on Brighton Beach

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Tue May 25 14:14:39 UTC 2010

This morning, I turned on my radio and they played Parklife by Blur and Phil 
A few hours later, I was stood next to Roger Daltrey on Brighton Beach as he 
reminisced about sitting here on a deckchair with Phil.
There's actually a picture of them both sat there - in the same exact spot - 
in the booklet of the Quadrophenia soundtrack album.

The tunnel from Brighton Beach to the Aquarium has just been painted by some 
students, and they've done a good job.
Pictures of Paul McCartney, Abba, Fatboy Slim, and - right in the middle - 
The Who on a carousel.

It was here that Roger declared it "open", and signed above the painting.

There were several film cameras there, and several more photographers.
There was around 20 or so fans, a few of us with Who shirts on.

We were told that the unveiling in the tunnel would be just for the press 
and artists.  The "fans" were supposed to wait on the steps by the Aquarium. 

Sod that.

I rushed into the tunnel right after Roger, and most the other fans were 
just behind me.
I was to the side of Roger as he unveiled it - actually closer then the 
press in front of him.  But it was a terrible angle to get a good photo.
For the next hour or so, I stayed within several feet of him.

After the unveiling in the tunnel, we walked onto the beach.  We were just 
east of Brighton's remaining pier.

A news reporter in a suit tried to interview him.  I doubt that the 
interview will ever be heard though - a huge number of press (and me) were 
stomping around on the pebbles.
During the interview, Roger saw my Who T-Shirt - white, with a ripped up 
Union Jack on the front, spelling out The Who.  He smiled approvingly.

This is where I got some of the best pictures.  Just Roger on the beach, 
with the pier behind him.  No one else in the shot.
(Picture now on my homepage: 
tp://   )

The beach was full of sunbathers, from all around the world.  They were 
suddenly dismayed to see a rock star walking around them.

Then suddenly, it was autograph time.
He signed loads of stuff.  Some people had several things for him to sign - 
which just seemed greedy.

I'd bought the Quadrophenia soundtrack CD with me, just in case.
Seemed very apt.  I had to struggle to get it out of the bag.

But I was still one of the first few to get an autograph.  He signed over 
the bottom half of the CD cover, and said "Thanks mate".
It was as though he seemed genuinely thankful that I - and the rest of us 
fans - had taken time out to come down and see him.

Photos at:


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