Roger Daltrey to open Brighton attraction

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Mon May 24 14:37:48 UTC 2010

Sod it.  I've booked tomorrow off work.

I'm going to Brighton.

I'm going to see Roger.

I'm excited!  Going to take a camera, and a copy of Quadrophenia to get signed.

There's more info about the tunnel here: 

Including this, about two-thirds down:

	Thursday, 6 May 2010
	This is the scene from Quadrophenia where Jimmy gets kicked out of the Florida
	Ballrooms (which used to be a night club situated in the building of the
	aquarium.) He then leaves and walks down the tunnel that we are working on.

Here's the link to the clip from Quadrophenia, where Jimmy get kicked out of the nightclub, 
and walks down this same tunnel on the way to the beach: 


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