Roger Daltrey to open Brighton attraction

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Mon May 24 12:40:51 UTC 2010

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Roger is re-opening a newly painted tunnel.
Hardly what I would call an "Attraction".  But I'm sure Roger will have a nice day out. The weather is lovely.

I know this tunnel well - it's about 15 miles from my house.  We often use it to cross under the busy seafront road, and get from the Sea Life Centre straight onto the beach.
Its unappealing walls have been covered in peeling yellow paint for years.   It could certainly use a makeover.

I'm tempted to take the day off work tomorrow, put on my best Who T Shirt and head down there.  (Until reality kicks in...)

The article also mentions the "Brighton Walk of Fame at the Marina".  This Hollywood-style pavement is covered in famous names linked to Brighton - including The Who.


Roger Daltrey to open Brighton attraction

5:10pm Friday 21st May 2010

    * By Richard Gurner >

Rock star Roger Daltrey will revisit one his old haunts when he opens a new seafront attraction.

The Who singer has fond memories of regular Wednesday night sessions at The Florida Rooms in Brighton, where the current Sea Life Centre is today, and will be back there on Tuesday.

The singer, who will forever be linked to Brighton thanks to Quadrophenia, will be opening the 'Brighton Music Tunnel' at noon.

The 80ft pedestrian tunnel linking the Sea Life Centre to the beach-side of Marine Parade has been given an artistic makeover.

The tunnel has been given a colourful paint job and features a mural of famous musical faces associated with Brighton and Hove.

One time resident Sir Paul McCartney and local band The Levellers feature in the mural as well as Swedish pop band Abba,
who won their Eurovision crown here in 1974 with an unforgettable performance of Waterloo.

Nick Cave, Dusty Springfield and James Morrison also feature.

The new tunnel is the brainchild of businessman and record producer David Courtney, who was also responsible for the Brighton Walk of Fame at the Marina.

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