syndicated "underground garage" celebrates the who this weekend

Thu May 13 04:08:06 UTC 2010

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Thanks.  You listen to the show often, right?  What will  it be like?  How 
long is the show & will it be mostly music by  The Who (and their 
judging by the web site)?  Or, will  that just be one segment of the show?  
imagine they'll play some  pretty obscure stuff as well as some big hits. 
I'll have to check out  where this is on in Boston.  I run into the Alice 
Cooper show a lot  when I have the radio on over the weekend, but I don't 
know where to go  for Little Stephen.

it's an updated repeat. updated repeat means, it's the same as one other  
episode ("the who" last aired last year this week), but they add a few extra  
things in it to keep it up to date. like, steve might make references to 
the  superbowl performance this time. 
it's definitely going to be the whole show. he'll start each set with a  
who-related story and an EARLY who song (since "baba", WGFA etc. get aired  
all the time). 
in boston, it'll be on WROR, 105.7 FM on Sunday night at 10:00pm-12:00am. 
if anyone else wants to know when and where it'll air in their  area:
_Little  Steven Online_ 

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