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PT: I'm not sure whom all these drummers were who you say offered to replace 
Keith. I can think of one and a half. Phil Collins offered to fill in for a 
while; I love Phil's playing but he wasn't about to leave Genesis. The drummer 
of Foreigner offered too I think, again, not permanently. 

I invited Kenney because I liked his playing. I liked his lack of drummer's ego, 
and he did not 'zone out' like many drummers do on their own adrenalin and 
over-oxygenation. He was ready to be a part of a hard touring band, and he 
brought legions of Faces and Small Faces fans with him. He understood our Mod 
tribal beginning. He was my friend and I had played with him quite a bit 
already. Roger did not object to Kenney at first, but waited until he was 
established. It was quite a shock, and awkward to handle. 

Musicians should not be directly compared or expected to fill someone else's 
shoes. It was brilliant for Queen to have Paul Rodgers to sing Freddy Mercury 
songs. It was brave and different. They could have hired some copycat singer, 
but they brought in a true great in his own right. If you want a perfect Keith 
Moon drummer today there is probably a good one playing in one of the Who 
tribute bands. For me, it was great to play with Kenney, someone so disciplined, 
after years battling to keep Keith Moon in time. At last I could relax and let 
the drummer keep time. The Kenney years were most enjoyable years of my 
performing life with the Who. It was hard playing with Moonie, and it is 
sometimes almost as hard playing with Zak when he tries to emulate Moon. Zak is 
far better than Moonie technically, although maybe less anarchic - maybe! Zak 
respects me. Moon loved me, and exalted me, but he did not seem to respect me 
when we were onstage together. Moon was a brilliant wild card, 
 and much more than drummer. But playing with Kenney was heaven after dragging 
Moon through his last, tortuous struggle to play well during the filming of THE 
KIDS ARE ALRIGHT. He almost died of exhaustion that day. 

I loved Moon the man and Moon the comedian. I wasn't crazy about Moon the 
drummer. He was great, I won't deny it, the Who would probably not have been so 
big without Moon, but I would have preferred to have worked with Kenney from the 
very beginning.<<


 I have said for so many years that Pete Townshend's goal with the Who after Moon was to not be the same kind of Who they were before. FACE DANCES is the on-record demonstration of that goal.

Pete wanted Kenney because he liked Kenney as a person and respected his playing and that Kenney would listen to Pete (though I think Keith did a good job on most of the shows I've heard from 1975/76). 

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