Doctor, Doctor

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Tue May 4 20:12:20 UTC 2010

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> So, I'm in the doctor's office the other day and pick up this mag...
> The print version of the article featured pictures of both Pete & Rog!

This link features a cropped version of the picture.  You can see Roger on 
the far left.

"In the run-up to Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey's Super Bowl gig, 
commentators snarked that The Who is better known now for CSI themes than 
its guitar-smashing past. Maybe so. More intriguing, however, is that these 
1970s power-chord classics fit so seamlessly on ultraslick 21st-century TV. 
The music endures because it remains timelessly fresh. As do the artists. 
Long live rock. "

Jim M 

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