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Fri Mar 26 05:20:35 UTC 2010

Rock photographer, Jim Marshall, passed away reportedly in his sleep  
yesterday while on a promotional tour for "Match Points". Marshall  was 74.  
Marshall photographed a number of rock icons, such as The Who, Jimi 
Hendrix,  The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Johnny  
His images have appeared on over 500 album and CD covers, in newspapers,  
magazines, and on posters.  
Marshall worked both Woodstock and Altamont rock festivals in  1969, the 
Rolling Stones' 1972 tour, and he was the only photographer allowed  backstage 
at the Beatles' last live performance in 1966 at San Francisco's  
Candlestick Park. He also joined Johnny Cash for Cash's landmark show at  Folsom 
Prison in 1968. 
Marshall's work was inspiring to many, John Carter Cash, son of the late  
Johnny Cash, told The Times in an email today, "I have always loved the  
photographs Jim Marshall took of my father, and more than any other, the photos  
of family and friends. Of course, the most famous photo Jim took of my  
father was the unforgettable 'shoot the bird shot'. "He magically  captured my 
father's energy and attitude at that time." Cash noted. "This photo  is a 
wonderful example of my father's edginess and aggressive nature. But my  
father was so much more. The photos Jim took that mean the most are those which  
capture intimate, gentle heart and spirit -- both of my father and my 
mother. It  is these I love the most."
Marshall will truly be missed, but his work will live on for generations to 

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