report: townshend's hearing improving

Tue Mar 23 03:12:32 UTC 2010

According to _contactmusic.com_ ( , Pete 
Townshend's hearing appears to  be improving with the use of _new technology_ 
est-his-hearing)  recommended  by Neil Young's audiologist. 
Townshend has been suffering from tinnitus and partial deafness for a  
number of years and the tinnitus has been getting worse over the past  few 
It has made it very difficult for Townshend to go into the studio,  let 
alone play live. 
Townshend feared the Who's days were numbered, however if everything goes  
right with the ear monitors on March 30th at the concert for _The Teenage 
Cancer Trust_ 
( , the Who  should be able to carry on. 
The 64 year old guitarist remains confident as he said, "I am  testing out 
some studio and stage in-ear monitor systems and wearing a Phonak  hearing 
aid almost all the rest of the time. I feel I’ve been reborn in some  ways."

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