Listen to the who @ RAH on absolute radio

Jim M nakedi at
Mon Mar 22 18:56:14 UTC 2010

From: "Martin Bailey" <mobailey at>

> As Ernie pointed out:
> I like this website - it has a nifty feature which automatically added the 
> show to my Google  Calendar.   Neat.

OK, that's 7-8pm GMT?  When does the UK move to BST?  We're already on 
Daylight Savings here in the US of A.

In other words, is this thing starting at 3pm or 2pm EDT?

> But as long as I get a CD with a good recording of the whole of Quad - 
> I'll be happy.

It sounds to me like this will be whatever they play from 7-8.  Maybe they 
play Quad first, maybe they play some hits first and Quad gets cut off in 
the middle.

Jim M 

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