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For  whatever reason, the Classic Rock industry can not get 
enough of anything  Led Zeppelin.  The longer they don't play together, the 
more their  legend grows.

something tells me if the who had done the same following keith's death,  
same scenario.  
>>  that old blues music would be going back to both 
Roger  & Jimmy's roots and would work well for Roger's voice.
well, he certainly can't sing BOR or WGFA like he used to. maybe a howlin'  
wolf tribute album? Johnny cash is too predictable. hell, even I predicted  
>>  I'm telling you, the album I'm describing 
has the  potential to be BIG.  Like Grammy awards big.

anyone see the rock n' roll hall of fame telecast on FUSE monday? (it's on  
again Sunday night at 9 if you're interested). in the words of stevie van 
zandt  from that night, "'ya got the grammy awards. nice people... but it's  

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