so, what happened at the who tribute at carnegie hall?

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Fri Mar 5 09:09:51 UTC 2010

Ernie said:

> I adore patti.  the more of her, the better, I say.

I loved her (last?) album of cover versions.  Twelve great songs, expertly chosen.
Each songs lovingly altered, and sung wonderfully.

> "rubbish singing" my arse. it seems the crowd didn't feel that way, note

I went back and played the clip again.
I was prepared to admit maybe I'd made a mistake; maybe I was wrong.
Maybe this was more a problem of poor recording or sloppy playing.

But no - the first few lines confirm it: rubbish singing.  Abysmal.
My mouth and your arse are in perfect agreement over this.

Later on, her guitarist takes over the vocals.  He's no better.

But: I understand.  Punk doesn't NEED to have good vocals.

> the standing ovation at the end.

I never got to the end of the clip before.


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