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Tue Jun 29 12:58:46 UTC 2010

Jon said: 

There's more details at   (below)
Includes the first ever decent explanation of the Psychoderelict plot I've ever read! 
"... the very strange, dubious way he restores himself, and bounces back into musical relevance"

Are you / anyone thinking of buying this?  Let me know.

15 Australian Dollars.  And Need a PayPal account.  
That seems to include shipping to the UK too...?  Hmmm.

I can't see anywhere to buy this in the UK (yet).  Which is putting me off a bit.

I'm still considering it.  
(I'm also considering buying the Greendale comic - based on the Neil Young album, 
which coincidentally has just come out at the same time.)


PSYCHODERELICT is the first comic book written by Pete Townshend, the lead guitarist and main songwriter of The Who. 
It first took form as a concept album, an album of rock songs interspersed with a radio play penned by Townshend. 
The album was released in 1993.

In 2009, the radio play was adapted as a webcomic. 
Click here to read the web version.     
The comic is now available as a book. 
The experience of listening to PSYCHODERELICT is greatly improved when listened to with this comic.

PSYCHODERELICT tells the story of a washed up, alcoholic, depressed, lonely, former flower child rock star, Ray High, 
and the very strange, dubious way he restores himself, and bounces back into musical relevance. 
It's a story about art, motivation to make art, depression, friendship, love and sexual attraction; artists, 
and the people around artists who exploit them. It's required reading for any creative person; 
the wise, passionate words of that incredibly talented master of rock and roll, Pete Townshend.

A5, 48 pages, cardstock cover, colour interior.
AUD$15.00 including postage.

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