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When are we going to one of these in the states guys and gals.....
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> Fans of The Who for just about twenty years have been holding annual 
> conventions to honor the music of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, 
> and Keith Moon. 
> The conventions also serve as a way to raise money for some great causes. 
> This year's convention will be raising money specifically for the Teenage 
> Cancer Trust and the Meg Fox Educational Trust Fund. 
> This year's convention will be a two day affair starting on October 2nd in 
> Kilburn and then finishing up with the main event on October 3rd at 
> Dingwalls in Camden Market. 
> The full lineup and venue details have yet to be announced. 
> _The Who Convention_ (http://thewhoconvention.com/) 
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