daltrey launching international campaign against teenage cancer

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Sat Jun 12 04:58:41 UTC 2010

Who frontman, Roger Daltrey, has launched a worldwide campaign in an effort 
 to end the neglect of teenagers that suffer with cancer. 
Daltrey has said that cancer survival rates among teenagers lags behind  
survival rates of adults and other children. 
According to express.co.uk, Daltrey said, “Quality cancer care for  this 
age group should be a right and not a privilege.”  
Daltrey wants teenage cancer sufferers to be recognized as a district 
medical  group and he wants hospitals around the world to keep life as normal as  
possible for young people suffering from cancer. 
Daltrey as spokesman for the Teenage Cancer Trust, is asking people around  
the world to sign the International Charter of Rights for Young People at  
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