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Even  with my unbiased hat on, it's obvious that The Who were strong 
contenders in  every category.
But, unsurprisingly for UK TV, there were no Who  winners.  The end results 
were as follows:

- Singer  - Freddie Mercury
- Guitarist - Jimi Hendrix
- Drummer - John Bonham
- Bassists - Flea
-  Best Band - Led Zeppelin

the only thing I'm surprised about is that robert plant didn't win the  
"best singer" category. I guess since rob has a brain in his head and has  
constantly chosen not to do a zeppelin reunion tour, fans don't like him for  
no denying freddie's talent, but usually, they'd go for plant. 
and I think flea (not to mention the rest of the red hot chili  peppers) is 

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