Who items for sale/trade

jon at thirdofnever.net jon at thirdofnever.net
Sun Jun 6 17:16:43 UTC 2010

I'm looking to sell this stuff, although I would trade for a good copy  
of the 2000 show with Simon Phillips on drums:

1989 Musician Magazine - cover/profile
Uncut presents NME Orginals 146-page Who Special
1993 Keyboard Magazine - Interviews with Pete and Rabbit
Tommy Interactive Journey, Then and Now (CDRom)
Join Together - 3LP vinyl box set
Tommy Broadway coffee table book w/CD
Pink Floyd - P.U.L.S.E. 5-lp vinyl box set
Pink Floyd - Total Eclipse 4-CD box set
Frank Zappa - Thingfish 3-lp vinyl box set
Frnak Zappa - Shut Up And Play Yer Guitar - 3-lp vinyl box set
Monty Python - Complete Series DVD box set

Contact me at jon at thirdofnever.com. Thanks.

Third Of Never's MOODRING, featuring Rabbit on keys available at  

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