Pete On the Super Bowl & Other Things

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Sun Jan 31 09:32:14 UTC 2010

Schrade pointed us in this direction:


My favourite quotes from this interview:

"[Roger and I are ] two old guys standing on the crest of a wave and we 
don't know where that wave is going to crash next..."

and this:

"I'm working on a musical play called "Floss" about a girl who rides horses, 
whose husband is a retired musician.
I've been working on it for a long time. First I wrote the story, then I 
wrote the book.
It's about the idea that there is a tremendous feeling of fear today about 
the future and about our responsibility for the future, whether we're 
worried about global warming,
our behaviour as aggressors, or as guardians of world peace.
The middle classes of America and Europe have taken this position almost 
that they have to make amends.
They look at the future and they don't see any answers, and they don't see 
very much hope.
In a sense, as an artist and a songwriter what I want to do is reflect some 
of that, but also to demonstrate that music has a function in all this.

I finished the story in November and I've written quite a lot of lyrics, and 
I've been doing demos since the beginning of December.
I've done about 10 songs so far. Whether or not this will work as a Who 
project I don't know, but I'm pretty sure there are a few songs that I've 
done which Roger will enjoy singing.
So there's a possibility we might be able to release some of the songs from 
the play as an album or an EP."


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