daltrey's influence on Joss stone

JOELTLE515 at aol.com JOELTLE515 at aol.com
Thu Jan 28 05:48:14 UTC 2010

Soul singer, Joss Stone, told Contactmusic that she has Roger Daltrey to 
thank for her new outlook on life. According to Stone, Daltrey made her 
realize that money is unimportant compared to the thrill of performing.

The 22 year old singer publicly has been battling with her record label and 
bosses over the delay of the release of her latest album, Colour Me Free. 

After a pleasant conversation with Daltrey, Stone, instead of being tangled 
up with record company battles, will concentrate on her music.

According to Contactmusic, Stone said about her conversation with Daltrey, 
"I was talking to Roger Daltrey the other day and he told me he felt so 
sorry for my generation of musicians. He said, 'When I was your age, all we did 
was get on stage and sing. Now you all have to sit in meetings. That's not 
music.'  Stone continued, "It's true - that's about money. I don't care about 
money. As long as I have enough to live on, I'm happy. I don't need a 
Learjet to prove I can sing."

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