BULLETIN: Townshend reveals the Super Bowl setlist / daltrey picks his fav album & performer of 2009

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at netsoltech.com
Tue Jan 26 16:21:45 UTC 2010

Simon Said:

> Still think
> Candi did a great job with the vocals on 'You Got The Love'
> (there are several mixes of this by The Source - dating
> back to the 90s - the original version, from which
> The Source lifted the vocal, was one of CS'gospel tunes).

Ah.  It was the overblown 90s version with The Source that I was referring to.

I wasn't familiar with an earlier gospel version.  I think I could like that.

I've tried to find a preview of it on Amazon, but all they have is The Source version.

> Give the
> Stackridge 'Victory' a spin too - I bet you like
> 'Long Dark River' anyway.

Good idea.

I've just done the Crass Amazon Preview Thing.

Musically, they sound a lot like Neil Young.  (I love Neil Young.)

Vocals have a bit of annoying singing style (even more annoying than Neil Young's whiny voice).
But, again like Neil Young, I could get used to that.

A bit like Ray Davies too.

Did he just sing "Waltzing Matilda"...?


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