BULLETIN: Townshend reveals the Super Bowl setlist / daltrey picks his fav album & performer of 2009

simon malia malias40 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 26 14:19:23 UTC 2010

Martin - re your reply on women artists with 'quirky looks' - 
>when Ernie asked:

>you fancy Lady gaga?
>I said "quirky", not "mad as a bag of fish" -MB

Excellent! 'as in - bag of fish with a big hooter - 
in big black knickers and daft wig' - 
not so much quirky as 'trying too hard - 
but getting results because the media in 2009/10 are 
soooo desperate for an easy story to dish out to the punters, 
and the punters desperate for easy disco widdle to buy... 

Take your point about the Bat For Lashes album. Still think 
Candi did a great job with the vocals on 'You Got The Love' 
(there are several mixes of this by The Source - dating 
back to the 90s - the original version, from which 
The Source lifted the vocal, was one of CS'gospel tunes). 

The Dead Weather - yes, that's a good album too. Give the 
Stackridge 'Victory' a spin too - I bet you like 
'Long Dark River' anyway. 

And while I'm dishing out the applause - that description
of The Who performing the medley - great job! I was THERE!

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