daltrey picks his fav album & performer of 2009

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at netsoltech.com
Tue Jan 26 09:24:44 UTC 2010

Keithjmoon70 suggested:

> go pick up Horehound by The Dead Weather. Your ears  will
> thank you.

I've heard of that.  That's the latest Jack White project, isn't it?

It got absolute zero media coverage / advertising in the UK (that I noticed).
I only stumbled over it by accident.

It's top of my "2009 Albums I Should Listen to but Haven't" list.

I've just listened to the 30 second previews of each track on Amazon.
(A very efficient, if very crass, method of digesting a new album.)

Sounds like Lady Gaga!  The first clip, at least.

But seriously - it sounds good.

That "3 Birds" is a perfect example of the quirkiness I mentioned earlier.  I like it.

Added to Amazon's "Wish List".

Ernie added:

> still waiting for that new white stripes album we were promised like...two
> years ago now, was it?

I read a JW interview last week where he said something like
"anything could happen in the next few months, including recording a new White Stripes album".


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