daltrey picks his fav album & performer of 2009

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at netsoltech.com
Mon Jan 25 09:27:20 UTC 2010

Simon in Liverpool picked me (and Roger) up on a couple of points:

> Martin, I have to pick up on a couple of points here. Florence + The Machine
> are a typical example of hype and style triumphing over content.

Ah - but I heard the album before I'd even heard of her / them.  So I avoided the hype.

> She's a bonny enough looking lass,
> affecting a quirky style (as they

"Quirky" works well for me.

> And as for the idea that her version of 'You Got The Love' in any matches
> the vocal by Candi Staton - you're crackin'jokes, surely???

To elaborate: I HATED the Candi Staton song when it first came out.
Overblown synths, overblown keyboards and overblown production.
Everyone else in the world loved it except me.

When I first heard this latest cover I hated it too, because of all the painful memories of the overblown version.
But I grew to really like it.
Guitars instead of synths, drums instead of drum machines, flawed vocals instead of overblown vocals, and rough production instead of slick.

> ...  Bat For Lashes for a start.

I heard the Bat for Lashes CD on the same day as Flo+Mach.
The similarities are numerous (even the CD cover pictures are similar).
I loved a few of her earlier cover versions.  But Florence overshadowed the Bat, hands down.

> Best of all, the first proper Stackridge album for
> many years - 'A Victory For Common Sense', which delivered (for me) all that
> 'Endless Wire' didn't.

I can't say I've heard of them, but I know what you mean by your comparison.

> There's some great music
> coming along right now.

Hopefully, this time next year, we'll be debating the merits of Floss rather than Florence.


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