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> According to the January issue of "MOJO" Magazine, Roger Daltrey's 
> favourite
> album of 2009 was "Lungs" by Florence and the Machine.
MB wrote: 
>I've got a copy of this album on my PC.
>It's OK.  Like all decent albums at the moment, it's got just 3 or 4 good 
>songs on it:
    - "Dog Days are Over" has you clapping along.
    - as the name suggests, "Drumming Song" has some good drums on it.
    - "Kiss with a Fist" is like an adrenaline-filled Kate Perry (that's a 
>good thing).
    - "You've got the Love" (bonus song) is an improvement over the Candi 
>Staton version.
 >Thinking about this has made me realise what an abysmal year for music 2009 
>As well as  the above, there's only two other albums from 2009 which I'm 
>still going to be listening to next year:
>    - Kasabian: West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
>    - Muse: The Resistance (-MB)

Martin, I have to pick up on a couple of points here. Florence + The Machine 
are a typical example of hype and style triumphing over content. 
She's a bonny enough looking lass, affecting a quirky style (as they
all do these days - see La Roux / Little Boots et al et al), and her voice 
is pleasant if lacking character. I'm not saying she lacks talent - just that 
big success has happened far too early for her - her talent is real, but far 
smallerand less developed than the hype would have us believe. 
And as for the idea that her version of 'You Got The Love' in any matches 
the vocal by Candi Staton - you're crackin'jokes, surely??? That's like saying 
some kid on a 
karaoke night sounds better than Aretha. Maybe, if you're pissed and fancy the 
lass with the mike, but not in any way if you're looking without beer-goggles. 
No offence intended - just my take on things! 

For me, 2009 saw the release of some cracking albums, by The Leisure Society, 
Mumford and Sons and Bat For Lashes for a start. 
Best of all, the first proper Stackridge album for 
many years - 'A Victory For Common Sense', which delivered (for me) all that 
'Endless Wire' didn't. 
Watch out also for Beth Jeans Houghton and Keston Cobblers Club - and the 
Jo Harman Project - oh and Sophie Madeleine too. There's some great music 
coming along right now. 

Here's hoping The Who REALLY blow away the watching millions at the SuperBowl 

Simon in Liverpool 

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