daltrey picks his fav album & performer of 2009

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Sat Jan 23 10:07:30 UTC 2010

According to the January issue of "MOJO" Magazine, Roger Daltrey's avorite 
album of 2009 was "Lungs" by Florence and the Machine. 

Daltrey said that she was a very interesting character and a great talent. 
He is very impressed with her songs and song writing. Daltrey commented that 
she played at one of the Teenage Trust shows in March of 2009 and nobody 
knew who she was. "They're not asking that now, are they?"

Florence and the Machine is currently up for three Brit Awards, Best Best 
Female Performer, Best Album (for Lungs), and Breakthrough Artist.

Daltrey also stated that he thought music is in great shape right now, as 
there is a lot of "brilliant" stuff currently out there.

OK, this is Ernie talkin' now.   My favorite album of 2009 is "Saint 
Valentine's Day Massacre" by a group from Norway called The Cocktail Slippers. 

Florence And The Machine - Drumming Song

Cocktail Slippers - St. Valentine's Day Massacre

am I an "Underground Garage" fanatic? You better, you better, you bet!  ; )

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