The Who - Calendar 2010

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Mon Jan 4 17:23:49 UTC 2010

Martin wrote:

 >  Ernie asked: >/
any solo pictures of kenney Jones or zak or simon phillips? /
The totals are:
TEDM: 1 (yay)
TED+Kenney: 1 (hmmm)
Moon: 2 (yay - one drumming, and one messing about)
 Pete: 2 (is that all?) Entwistle: 1 (too low)
Zak: 1 (fair enough)
 Pino: 2 (boo)
 Daltrey: 6 (what? Yes. Really. Six. S - I - X.)

What?  No Rabbit?!    Outrage, I cry

Joe in Philly

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