The Who - Calendar 2010

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Mon Jan 4 11:45:40 UTC 2010

I've just received my calendar for the new year.

There's a choice of a few Who calendars around this year, but I chose the one from "Zone
Calendars".  Called "Music Legends Posters: The Who - 2010 Music Calendar - 30 x 30 cm"

Here's a link:

Nice big pictures of The Who at the top, big spaces for each day of the month at the bottom.  Nice landscape poster in there too.  Good mixture of well- and lesser-known pictures and poses.

It's a 16 month calendar (so there's 4 pages I'll never use).

BUT, get this:  there's 1 page (September) dedicated to a solo picture of John.
BUT, both February and July are taken up with solo pictures of... Pino!

One word review: disgrace.


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