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I think it is going to happen mainly because of all the preparation that  
goes into a half time show...think of all of the dancers and pyrotechnics  
ect..and stadium participation.  You can't create that overnight.   That being 
said--they haven't  had to run any promos because we aren't in  the 
playoffs yet.  I think once we get a month in ,it will be harder to  change the 
halftime  entertainment.
Happy New Year to everyone
I have been listening to  "White City" and  "Rough Mix"   always gives me 
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> It's one of the lead stories on  AOL.com today.

well, I didn't see it, and I'm on  AOL.

eh, either way, "the who" will still do the halftime show, no  matter who 
says what. 

happy new year folks!  
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