daltrey interested in doing album with Jimmy page?

Jim M nakedi at comcast.net
Fri Feb 26 16:57:20 UTC 2010

From: "Martin Bailey" <Martin.Bailey at netsoltech.com>
> Roger can't spend his life waiting for Pete.

I agree!  I don't know how hard it is to get an album made these days, or 
how many copies it needs to sell to be worth anyone's while, but I'd love to 
see Roger do this.

> A Roger/Page album is never going to be as good as a Roger/Pete album.
> But it could be - say - 75% as good.
> It would be the first solo Roger album I'd be excited about.

And, because of the general rock public's obsession with all things 
Zeppelin, this would actually probably generate a fairly high level of 
interest.  As George Bush & Seal have said, "Bring it on!"

> And - if he's not recording an album with Page, what about recording an 
> album of blues covers with Clapton instead?
> (I'm no big fan of Clapton, but he would be more than an adequate... 
> ditto.)

I'd be OK with that, but I don't see Clapton doing it.  Maybe they get 
talking while on tour, but I doubt it. Plus, with Clapton's over exposure, I 
don't see this getting a very good reception.  Clapton fans would be saying 
they wished he sang the songs himself.

> And - if not recording an album with Page or Clapton, what about recording 
> an album of blues covers with his touring band instead?
> (I AM a fairly big fan of his touring band, and they would be more than an 
> adequate...  ditto.)
> Taking this thought process a step further....
> Why doesn't Roger go into the studio with his current band, and just 
> record studio versions of all the songs he's playing on tour at the 
> moment?

No thanks.  This is a true Daltrey solo effort and would generate no buzz 

> It wouldn't take long to record - they all already know what to play.

The good thing is that none of these ideas would take long.  Make a few 
phone calls, get together, pick some songs & lay them down.  It's the polar 
opposite of a Who album and I'd find it refreshing.

Jim M

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