daltrey interested in doing album with Jimmy page?

Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at netsoltech.com
Fri Feb 26 15:45:46 UTC 2010

I've been thinking about this, and believe it would be a good idea.

Daltrey + Page could end up recording the album of old blues covers that The Who considered doing (for about 5 minutes) last year.

I'm no big fan of Led Zep, but Page would be more than an adequate guitarist to support Roger.

Roger can't spend his life waiting for Pete.
Floss is going to take several months before Roger's vocals are needed.
(Once Pete has finished farting about putting sound effects and dialogue over his home demos.)

Plenty of time for Roger to dive into the studio (once he's finished warming up Clapton's audience),
and record a quick album of (already-written) songs.

A Roger/Page album is never going to be as good as a Roger/Pete album.
But it could be - say - 75% as good.
It would be the first solo Roger album I'd be excited about.

I think Roger's in a stage of is life now where - bizarrely - he could actually record some of best solo albums of his solo career.
I think he's now more laid back, has less to prove, and knows what his target audience (me) wants to hear.

And - if he's not recording an album with Page, what about recording an album of blues covers with Clapton instead?
(I'm no big fan of Clapton, but he would be more than an adequate...  ditto.)

And - if not recording an album with Page or Clapton, what about recording an album of blues covers with his touring band instead?
(I AM a fairly big fan of his touring band, and they would be more than an adequate...  ditto.)

Taking this thought process a step further....

Why doesn't Roger go into the studio with his current band, and just record studio versions of all the songs he's playing on tour at the moment?

The Townshend stuff, the solo Daltrey stuff, the Johnny Cash stuff, the other covers...

It wouldn't take long to record - they all already know what to play.

Recording it in the studio may loose some energy, but it'll allow multiple retakes until Roger's voice sounds just as good as it possibly could.

If Roger's not going to cash-in by recording / releasing a live album from these tours, then this would make a good alternative.
A way for all of us (non-Americans), who aren't going to get to see these tours, to hear these versions.

This would make a welcome change from all those other established stars who record and release something every time they leave the house.
(I'm looking at you, McCartney.  And you as well, Stones.)


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