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Fri Feb 26 14:03:13 UTC 2010

Classic Quote from Roger: "one-up from a toilet break at a football match."

Sounds like the setlist was pretty similar to his previous tour.


from http://www.thewho.com/index.php?module=news&news_item_id=396

and from http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10057/1038819-388.stm :

... first of all, lots of stuff about Clapton - ooh, he played Driftin' Blues - blah blah...

"Opening the show, Roger Daltrey noted brightly that this was "one-up from a toilet break at a football match."

And it was for us, too.

Rumors of Mr. Daltrey's vocal demise, based on the Super Bowl halftime, were greatly exaggerated. On the first night of the new tour with his solo band, The Who singer sounded 20 years younger than he did in Miami.

He kicked it off with "I Can See for Miles" and "The Real Me," which turned out to be kind of a tease. This wasn't a Who tribute set with Pete Townshend's little brother Simon subbing in.

The meat of his set was drawn from other parts of his career -- with the rough and tumble "Days of Light" and bluesy "Freedom Ride," building up to a hard blues medley of "Mannish Boy," a slow-chugging "My Generation" and then a walloping "Young Man's Blues," during which lead guitarist Frank Simes got his licks in.

Mr. Daltrey didn't have the benefit of flashy lighting, a rowdy crowd or even room to swing his mike. He also complained about new in-ear monitors. But he made the best of all that, with lots of muscle left in his pipes. It's a lucky concert crowd that gets "Baba O'Riley" from the opening act -- with the original guy who sang it."

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