daltrey says there'll be a new who album for 2010

jimthewhofan at aol.com jimthewhofan at aol.com
Thu Feb 25 19:29:15 UTC 2010


>>I for one would've LOVED to have heard a new who album with John and zak 
and rabbit. simon too, why not?  probably would've been a better album than 
that crap stain "endless wire" <<


 The album you describe would have certainly sounded good, IF Pete could have motivated himself to participate in it. 

While I don't find EW the "stain" that you find it, it certainly is not without moments worthy of criticism. For me, for starters, it's not a Who album. I don't care if Pete and Rog stuck the Who name on it, it isn't a Who album. Second, what I find galling is how Roger can support EW but yet decry how bad the Who was with Kenney Jones. Peter Hungtington drums on EW more than Zak and Peter's playing is right out of the Kenney Jones School Of Rock Drumming. 


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