daltrey says there'll be a new who album for 2010

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> So, really, then for Rog, the Who as a musical entity, was just him, Pete 
> and somebody who could drum like Keith Moon.
> This is a sad, sad comment from Roger, as far as I'm concerned. 
> Roger doesn't fucking get it. To wit, I recently purchased the TOMMY/QUAD 
> live DVD and I was playing the running commentary from Roger and Pete. 
> Roger gets to the point where he says, and I am paraphrasing, that John's songs 
> never were right for the Who, never fit in and essentially often broke up 
> the flow. 
> So, Roger said that John's songs didn't matter and now he is saying that 
> John's playing didn't matter.
> Seriously, Roger? Seriously?
> Does Roger want to alienate a goodly portion of Who fans who actually 
> thought John Entwistle was a key element in all phases of the Who?

agreed Jim. agreed. 

I think roger is trying to find some excuse, some way of explaining that he 
and pete can continue without keith and John and how everything is "better" 
or "as good", and in the process, he's digging that sh*thole deeper and 
deeper.  pete is no different. didn't John's mother get angry at him at one 
point for saying something that seemed out of line about him? 

and, I mean, why is it that when John was alive, pete was saying that he 
didn't want to go into the studio with the who, blaming his hearing problems 
and all that (although, that didn't stop him from playing on mick Jagger's 
2001 solo album, but I digress..), then John dies, and then, eventually, they 
begin work on a new album? it's as if they were waiting for John to die 
before they entered a studio.  and pete didn't even use the current touring band 
on it anyway!    talk about sad..   and then, in that "amazing Journey" 
documentary, they pretty much bashed John in the later years, "blaming" him for 
the reunion tours due to his financial positions. while that's probably 
true, the tours did bring pete and roger closer together than ever before so 
they COULD continue without him later on, and, as we've hinted on here before, 
John's playing only made pete work twice as hard on HIS playing, and what's 
so bad about that? any true musician is always looking for ways to improve 
his/her craft, whatever it is. John was one such musician. 

I for one would've LOVED to have heard a new who album with John and zak 
and rabbit. simon too, why not?  probably would've been a better album than 
that crap stain "endless wire" (apologies to those who, on the other hand, 
liked or loved the album,). I think so anyway.

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