daltrey says there'll be a new who album for 2010

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Thu Feb 25 17:22:14 UTC 2010


>>Daltrey also commented on the current Who lineup. He said, "With Zak 
(Starkey current Who drummer), it feels much more like it did (when Keith Moon 
on the drums)," Daltrey continued, "And even though John's (Entwistle) not 
there anymore, we've got Pino (Palladino), and I can hear myself singing for 
the first time. So now it's a dream. It's much easier to do a performance 
now and to give a performance with more color than it ever was when John was 
on stage. That's not to say I don't miss John".<<


 So, really, then for Rog, the Who as a musical entity, was just him, Pete and somebody who could drum like Keith Moon.

This is a sad, sad comment from Roger, as far as I'm concerned. 

Roger doesn't fucking get it. To wit, I recently purchased the TOMMY/QUAD live DVD and I was playing the running commentary from Roger and Pete. Roger gets to the point where he says, and I am paraphrasing, that John's songs never were right for the Who, never fit in and essentially often broke up the flow. 

So, Roger said that John's songs didn't matter and now he is saying that John's playing didn't matter.

Seriously, Roger? Seriously?

Does Roger want to alienate a goodly portion of Who fans who actually thought John Entwistle was a key element in all phases of the Who?

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