daltrey says there'll be a new who album for 2010

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Thu Feb 25 07:36:39 UTC 2010

In an article in the Pittsburgh TribLive, Roger Daltrey talks about 
his plans for 2010. He confirms that there will be a Who album released this year 
and confirmed that he has not seen or heard any of the songs bandmate Pete 
Townshend has already completed.

Daltrey reveals,  "All I know is when Pete is ready, he'll present me with 
a load of songs, and I'll go into the studio with them and give them back to 
him with a vocal on them, and let's see where we are and plans with the Who 
for this year."

Daltrey is getting ready to hit the road with Eric Clapton to play some 
shows on Clapton's current tour. Daltrey wants to "get the pipes lubricated" 
and be ready for the upcoming recording sessions for the new Who album.

The first show is actually scheduled for tomorrow night at the Pittsburgh 
Mellon Arena. 

As he did on his Use It Or Lose It Tour this past fall, Daltrey plans on 
performing some Who songs that have been on the shelf for some time and some 
solo stuff that he has never performed live. 

Daltrey also commented on the current Who lineup. He said, "With Zak 
(Starkey current Who drummer), it feels much more like it did (when Keith Moon was 
on the drums)," Daltrey continued, "And even though John's (Entwistle) not 
there anymore, we've got Pino (Palladino), and I can hear myself singing for 
the first time. So now it's a dream. It's much easier to do a performance 
now and to give a performance with more color than it ever was when John was 
on stage. That's not to say I don't miss John".

Daltrey also makes the following revelation, "there were quite a few 
problems with John on stage in the latter years, because he was deaf. He was 
playing through vibrations, which used to give us some terrible, terrible volume 

There are plans for a late 2010 Who tour, but a lot depends on 
Townshend's tinnitus and whether he can find a way to deal with it on stage. he Who are 
scheduled to perform Quadrophenia on March 30th at the Roal Albert Hall for 
the Teenage Cancer Trust. 


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