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"What are you saving it for?" is a good question at this point in his 
career, but the other way to look at it is: You're rich, you're famous, you 
have created one of the greatest legacies of songs and live performances in 
the history of music; so if it's no fun, why do it? There would be only two 
reasons I can think of : 1) because Roger wants to and you feel a 
responsibility as a friend and "brother", or 2) for us fans (but the Super 
Bowl bruhaha proves that all we ever do is complain anyway).

-Chris in Cleveland

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Now I don't mean to be a dick his age wtf right?? What are you 
saving it for?? He is a year older than my mom and she is fubared compared 
to him. I get tired of him bitching about stuff like this.He never dug 
ditches,cut pipe ,blew a disc in his back playing a les paul. Sounds like 
his new musical doesn't work and he is pussin out again! Sorry but I call 
them like I see "em! Times like this I feel sorry for Roger,really do.

                                             Bill from DE

Pete...get the fuck on with it!!!

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> This is the story from an AOL headline, today.
> Could Super Bowl XLIV have been part of the Who's last hurrah? Gunm 
> bitchiitarist Pete Townshend is suggesting the end of the legendary rock 
> band's 46-year run may be in sight because of his ongoing tinnitus 
> troubles.
> "If my hearing is going to be a problem, we're not delaying shows.We're 
> finished. I can't really see any way around the issue," Townshendtold 
> Rolling Stonein advance of plans to test a new in-ear monitoring system 
> during thegroup's next gig, slated for London's Albert Hall on March 30. 
> Thatshow, a benefit for the Teenage Cancer Trust, is the only 
> eventcurrently on the Who's calendar for 2010.
> The painful ringing and buzzing in Townshend's ears has come and 
> gonethrough the years and is blamed on the excessive volume he has 
> enduredduring thousands of gigs. At Neil Young'ssuggestion, Townshend 
> consulted an audiologist, who recommended anin-ear monitor that could 
> prevent further damage. Townshend has plansto try the product out during 
> the March gig, when he and Who vocalist Roger Daltrey will play 
> 'Quadrophenia' in its entirety with their touring band.
> "It's a good test of Pete's hearing," Daltrey told the magazine. "We won't 
> know until we try."
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