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Jim M Nakedi at comcast.net
Fri Feb 19 14:46:51 UTC 2010

From: <cfrate at roadrunner.com>

> No, he just said that Roger wanted to mime, but Pete told him that he had 
> to play live guitar to get his energy. The interview is downloadable from 
> LLR if you want to check it out.

Thanks, Chris.  I had actually been ignoring that interview, because I 
thought it dealt mostly with the Superbowl and I didn't need to hear it, now 
that the event is over.  It actually doesn't focus on the Superbowl very 
much at all, and has a lot of detailed discussion about Pete's current work 
and Floss.

Regarding miming, Pete does imply that some bits of the performance may be 
mimed, but he specifically says that he and Roger are playing/singing live. 
I can only tell you, I believe he's mistaken regarding Roger.  Here's a 
transcript of that part:

PT: "Roger was so nervous about the possibility that it might rain, and the 
difficulties with getting the sound, that he was hoping that we would mime 
and he would mime, and then I said that I was hoping that I'd be able to 
play live guitar I felt it would be the only way that...I'm really not good 
at acting, so I have to...the guitar has to be plugged in and I have to be 
playing really to catch fire.  Roger is singing live now, too.  So it's the 
two of us, at least, we're live.  Which is good, cause I think it will be 

As I say, this is about 2 minutes of a 30 minute interview.  There's lots of 
other bits about their past, present & future, so I recommend it.

Jim M 

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