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There is absolutely no lip synching. Out of 12 minutes there is only  
one time that Roger appeared to be off. This was probably just a  
technical difficulty.
The Who would never agree to do a lip synched performance.


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> From: "Bruce" <bkawak at charter.net>
>> Well, some people still don't believe it and are pretty emotional  
>> about it. No need to agitate them. It is what it is, kinda hard to  
>> not see the obvious.
> It really is.  So, we all know this was common practice on TV for a  
> long time, even for supposedly live performances.  So, what I can't  
> figure out is, when is the last time The Who mimed a "live" show?   
> I'm counting this as mimed, even if it was only Roger's part that  
> was.  So, when did they last do anything close to that?  All the  
> many TV shows, awards shows, charity gigs over the past 30 years I  
> can think of have been live.  Has it been since the 1970s?
> Jim M
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