Super Bowl Counterpoint

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Thu Feb 18 08:43:24 UTC 2010

That is so cool!! Tanglewood is the best choice to send him. I have watched 
the SB replay that I taped to DVD about a hundred times and love it 
everytime. Well done Chris!
Mike S
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cfrate at writes:

Just to counter the views of all of us jaded aged Who fans and our negatism 
over the past week & a half, comes the story of a small boy transformed 
forever by the power of The Who-> (well, maybe not transformed forever, but 
let's hope). My wife told me yesterday that, during a casual conversation with 
one of her co-workers, this woman mentioned that, ever since the Super Bowl, 
her 6 year-old boy has been obsessed with The Who and listens to them 
non-stop! To help the lad along, I passed on a copy of my favorite bootleg DVD: 
Tanglewood, MA 7/7/70. I can't wait to see how he likes it. In a few years 
maybe we can sign him up for the list.

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