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> > Here's one thought for a new conversation, let's talk about what a crap, 
> > boring guitarist Pete Townshend is.
> > 
> are you looking for a fight? 'cause I won't give you one. 
> I believe I typed on here about seeing the who in camden in 2000, during 
> which pete went off into what one might call a "herrang" on his istrument that 
> put me for one in absolute ecstasy, and made me realise what a GREAT 
> guitarist he is. 
> rock n' roll isn't supposed to be perfect. if it was, clapton would be 
> considered the "greatest guitarist of all time" and not hendrix. 
> think about it. 



   What I've seen of Pete is when he is out because anything could happen.

   He gets in a zone ya know??  But when he is like eh?? Thats what you get...

    The 2000 tour towards the end.Entwistle was driving Pete towards some of the old stuff

   and they were riffing pretty damm well...some of it is amazing.Pino does not challenge Pete

   and that is the problem.....if you ask me. 


                                         Bill from DE
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