lipsynching and noodling

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I think as Pete has gotten older and smarter...his playing has diminished as compared to the 82 tour and back to woodstock...when he was amazing. Reasoning as to why may be futile, but he certainly has gotten worse over the years. Do I care? Nope. Whatever he does from here on in can never be held against him. As good as Endless Wire was- it wasn't Who's Next or Quad..but I loved it because it was The Who...It's like saying Muhammed Ali wasn't great because he lost 3 of his last 4 fights. He was not even close to his prime anymore...and neither is Pete or Roger- although I think John would have been still great...but can you imagine what Keith would be like playing today at 63? I just find The Who still relevant because I want to see what Pete can still do lyrically on a new album- I'm sure Bob Pridden and Pete can tweak the production as necessary.
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Toby wrote:

 >/Here's one thought for a new conversation, let's talk about what a 
crap, /boring guitarist Pete Townshend is.

I hope you're kidding, right?

I wish I knew how to play half of what Pete has forgotten how to play.   

Pete is exquisitely bored.

Joe in Philly

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