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from prosoundweb.com:

A big part of the Super Bowl telecast is the halftime show, which has 
become a major production in its own right, with the biggest names in music 
performing their hits live on a gigantic yet temporary stage. 

“It’s really an incredible production,” says Simon Higgs, Monitor Engineer 
for The Who. “I mean, what’s really amazing is the stage set-up, which has 
to be put in place and assembled in minutes. And, everything working on the 
first go – sound, lights, and pyro. That’s quite a show in itself.” 

Among the iconic images in rock history are lead singer Roger Daltrey 
swinging his Shure SM58 like a lariat, and guitarist Pete Townshend’s windmill 
guitar riffs. 

“The Who have worked with Shure microphones for over 40 years,” notes Bob 
Pridden, the band’s audio consultant/producer. “Getting ready for the Super 
Bowl, one thing I knew I could count on was that Shure wouldn’t let me down 
on Sunday night.” 

In addition to a full stage of Shure microphones, The Who used four 
channels of the new PSM 900 personal monitor system in their performance. 

Lead singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist Simon Townshend, and drummer Zak 
Starkey, along with Monitor Engineer Higgs, used the PSM 900. 

“We had the chance to try PSM 900 prototypes on the (autumn 2009) Daltrey 
tour,” notes Higgs. “Roger and I both think they sound incredible, and they 
have been absolutely flawless for us. So we were keen to use them for the 
Super Bowl.” 

Long-time Super Bowl audio vendor ATK Audiotek was again present to support 
the audio mission, with James Stoffo serving as Entertainment RF Engineer 
and Thomas Pesa to handle the monitor system design. 

“Normally, I would be quite hesitant to use any new product at an event 
like the Super Bowl,” says Pesa. “But the band really wanted to use them, so 
we gave it a try in rehearsals and found it to be rock solid. And since we 
had on-site technical support from Shure and James Stoffo, we went with the 
band’s request. And I’m happy to say everything went off without a hitch.” 

Out of more than 1,000 total wireless frequencies being coordinated by the 
NFL, Stoffo was responsible for around 100 intercom, microphone, and in-ear 
channels being used by the musical acts and their support. 

“This was my first time using the PSM 900 at a major event, and it 
performed flawlessly,” he notes. “I’d be happy to see this system on any of my 
shows as the go-to in-ear system. 

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