lipsynching and noodling

FlashGordon rgordon1276 at
Sun Feb 14 02:57:20 UTC 2010

"My brother and I were talking about it as we watched the Spanish TV ESPN HD
version about 20 times in a row, and came to the conclusion that you came
to Toby. I'm satisfied with the performance and what I believe to be the truth."

After considering it, I think the whole band was syncing the whole
time except for Pete.  They've recorded a version with a really tight
rhythm and all they have to do is stay with Zak, who's listening to
the click track they used, and the CBS editors can take care of

This is really hard to do for artists that are used to free
expression, and I'd say Roger and Pete have both gotten marginally off
it.  You can't hear that Roger is off, though you can see it here and
there, but Pete ends up being the one that's out of sync with "the
rest of the band."

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