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> I don't know about that, but why in the world would the guy sing a song 
> at 
> the Super Bowl off his (at the time) new album that 90% of the country had 
> probably never heard? I call that a crass play for record sales.

the who have a "greatest hits" album out now. they did nothing BUT 
selections from that album. isn't that a crass play for record sales too? 

P.S. isn't there anything else out there more worth occupying your minds 
and time than whether or not a band that are only half of what they used to be 
anyway (and I'm not just referring to their lineup), mimed a performance 
during an american football game? 

like I said, it was probably for timing reasons. the NFL seems to be more 
concerned about the show being on time as oppose to whether or not the act 
mimed or if even the show itself is terrible or not.  these days, as long as 
there weren't any "wardrobe malfunctions", everything's cool. 

"is the show over in 12 minutes? was the stage set up in 4 or 5 minutes, 
and taken away at the same alloted time? were any 'naughty body parts' 
exposed?"  that's all. 

no offense to anyone here, but I think this discussion is just getting a 
bit too rediculous. 

I do wonder though if the NFL network will show a "making of the halftime 
show" doc with the who like they did with springsteen and mccartney.. 

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