lipsynching and noodling

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The Who mimes so many performances that we Who fans have seen over the years- Relay-Join together...when the band went into the audience and played!! And don't forget My Generation from the Smothers Brothers show, as well as ICSFMiles from that same show...just watch Moon...he's definitely not who cares...we didn't care then..why care now?
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> I don't know about that, but why in the world would the guy sing a song at 
> the Super Bowl off his (at the time) new album that 90% of the country had 
> probably never heard? I call that a crass play for record sales.
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>> OK, I feel a *little* better now.  Watch Bruce lunge at the mic at 1:02
>> without singing anything!

What's not to know?  The chorus is "I'm working on a dream".  On the audio @ 
1:02 he only sings the word "dream", but he's clearly mouthing the whole 
phrase on the video.  And people have been saying his vocal was the only 
live part of that performance!  I think I can safely say we have no idea 
what is live and what is recorded on any of these performances.

Jim M 

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