lipsynching and noodling

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Sat Feb 13 22:46:20 UTC 2010

From: "Chris Frate" <cfrate at>

> I don't know about that, but why in the world would the guy sing a song at 
> the Super Bowl off his (at the time) new album that 90% of the country had 
> probably never heard? I call that a crass play for record sales.
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> From: "Jim M" <nakedi at>
>> OK, I feel a *little* better now.  Watch Bruce lunge at the mic at 1:02
>> without singing anything!

What's not to know?  The chorus is "I'm working on a dream".  On the audio @ 
1:02 he only sings the word "dream", but he's clearly mouthing the whole 
phrase on the video.  And people have been saying his vocal was the only 
live part of that performance!  I think I can safely say we have no idea 
what is live and what is recorded on any of these performances.

Jim M 

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