Super Bowl

VH vincenthowerdel at
Sat Feb 13 21:48:43 UTC 2010

After searching the internet for "super bowl lip synching" it became clear
that since 1993 most performers have lip synched or had backing tracks to
some degree (in 1993 the NFL made it mandatory to have a backing track due
to Garth Brooks) and this includes the national anthem singers. Tom Petty
and Bruce are included in two of the articles below (Bruce was supposedly
all pre-recorded except for his vocals). However, Prince and the Stones were
supposedly live. I guess it is just SB protocol.


Although it does appear that Daltrey did have a backing track at times,
there were a few vocal emissions that he made that I don't think could have
been pre-recorded - it's all confusing.


Also surprised to see so many people dish on Carrie Underwood - I thought
she was great except for the last verse. 


Hudson's lip-sync and reference to Garth Brooks


Bruce article


Tom Petty article



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