lipsynching and noodling

Jim M nakedi at
Sat Feb 13 17:16:29 UTC 2010

From: "Toby Elwin" <telwin at>
> I see clearly that "Won't Get Fooled Again" is where the wheels start 
> falling off the wagon, perhaps the show's entire lead vocals were double 
> tracked or blended.  There is no way this whole show was mimed or 
> lipsynched.  The lead vocals may have had trickery and perhaps Daltrey and 
> his famously "fickle" voice took the insurance policy against Miami 
> weather, but I don't particularly care, what borders the absurd is when 
> people who's music experience is watching and voting on American Idol 
> believe they are actually astute in expressing musical or live performance 
> integrity.   That this show gets dismissed to the scrap heap of a band 
> that mimed the event is patently inaccurate.

Toby, how ya doin'?  I'm pretty sure Jason's jibe was in good fun.  We're 
all friends here!

Problem I have with this description is, I wasn't able to find 1 place where 
Roger's vocal differs from the mashup as I was able to do with Pete.  If 
anyone finds that difference, I'd love to hear it.

Jim M (admitted American Idol fan) 

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