lipsynching and noodling

Toby Elwin telwin at
Sat Feb 13 17:09:32 UTC 2010

> A Grammy award winning producer said that every Super Bowl act lip synchs, 
> it's just the way the SB Poduction people want it. Springsteen's band didn't 
> even play their instruments
> last year. I don't feel so bad now LOL. I was in denial until I saw this 
> different video perspective. I've should of know as I was one of the 
> volunteers that set up the stages.
> On February 2nd they had about 75 of us record background crowd vocals. I 
> still enjoy
> the show and will watch it over and over, it's still fun anyway :):) Jason, 
> I apologize if
> I seemed to jump on you but it was directed at the people who posted the 
> youtube
> videos of Roger being questioned about it. I was fooled but I won't get 
> fooled again LOL.
> Mike S
> In a message dated 2/12/2010 11:57:42 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
> jasonhare1 at writes:
> Hi Toby!
> Thought you might be interested in seeing this snippet of "Won't Get Fooled
> Again" from the Super Bowl, filmed from an alternate angle. Take a look and
> let me know if you're in need of a lighter.
> Best,
> Jason


So at 6:37-39 of this vid Roger Daltrey memorized and mimed, "hep, hep, hep"? 

I see clearly that "Won't Get Fooled Again" is where the wheels start falling off the wagon, perhaps the show's entire lead vocals were double tracked or blended.  There is no way this whole show was mimed or lipsynched.  The lead vocals may have had trickery and perhaps Daltrey and his famously "fickle" voice took the insurance policy against Miami weather, but I don't particularly care, what borders the absurd is when people who's music experience is watching and voting on American Idol believe they are actually astute in expressing musical or live performance integrity.   That this show gets dismissed to the scrap heap of a band that mimed the event is patently inaccurate.  

Of all things I wrote in my response this gets picked up.  Consider the Berklee degree in ashes.  Now who can we "out" next for trying to pull one over on us?

Let's talk about hacking into the sound board and turning Pino up or something like that...

I love this forum and everyone on it, I think I've been a part since the mid-90s.  Great blend of info, news, passion, opinion, and dialogue.  This forum is the first place I count on for being ahead of the curve on relevant Who thoughts.  I tip my hat to that [and that ain't no lip synch...]


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