more on Super Bowl lip-synching

Jim M nakedi at
Sat Feb 13 17:09:23 UTC 2010

From: "Scott Keller" <shkeller55 at>

> You can see some vocal/lip-synching miscues in a few places.  In the first 
> video there's one place where you hear Pete singing
> but he's not at the mike, and when he hears his voice on the PA he moves 
> back towards it quickly.

I think you're talking about the start of Who Are You, but we KNOW those 
vocals are enhanced (even in concert).  He even makes that hurried move back 
to the mic in concert sometimes, too.  However, there are a couple of places 
where Pete sings something that is clearly not on the mashup version (his 
second "sure plays a mean pinball" & "Ha!" after the first "who who, who 
who").  So his mic was definitely live.

As far as Roger goes, we now know that his vocals were mostly, if not all 
dubbed.  I'm disappointed by that, but now we also know Springsteen & 
reportedly others have done the same thing for this event, so my 
disappointment lies more with the NFL than The Who.  I'm only sorry The Who 
agreed to do this farce in the first place.

Jim M 

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